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From the time our daughter was two years old, we knew things were different for her. She couldn't speak more than two words at a time without jargoning. After a succession of ear infections early in life, we had PE tubes placed in her ears and her adenoids removed. We thought that would solve the problem. We were wrong.

Speech issues were not the only problem our daughter had. Throughout the years, we had many diagnoses in speech, learning differences, motor planning and IDD. She spent years in Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Vision Therapy and tutoring. Throughout it all, my wife did all the research on our daughter's conditions, found the doctors and therapists, suggested schools when our local district couldn't meet her needs. She researched legalities in education and learned about SSI and Medicaid Waiver Programs. She found the lawyer to handle the guardianship and suggested conferences and resource fairs to attend to gather more information. She spent thousands of hours between her research and bringing our daughter to and from Special Needs private schools, tutoring and therapies.

Watching my wife struggle and agonize with little outside support while being self-employed and taking care of her clients was an eye-opener. I saw how much time it took and how detail-oriented she became, constantly updating a notebook with the information she received and the people she spoke with over the years. And through the interventions she found, our daughter progressed. Although we had to adapt our hopes and dreams for our daughter's future, I knew that those early interventions and all that research were giving her the best life possible.

All these factors led me to specialize in helping families navigate a system that is oftentimes complicated. The lessons we learned in the early days were things I wanted to help other families handle. Saving families the time and the stress of not knowing where to turn and helping them find the answers and resources they need is a primary focus of The Handley Law Office.

I counsel my families to start early in the research process. There are things that can be put in place early in children's lives that will make a huge difference in how their lives evolve. It is my pleasure to serve my clients by looking at their situation holistically, showing them how to protect their family and assisting with a long-term care plan. For those families with children with Special Needs, we show you how to navigate the system to give them an enriched life. We take what we’ve learned through the past 20+ years and give our clients the benefit of our experience.

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