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Sound future planning begins with a Will. If you have children, a Will is essential. Even if you have no children, you may need a Will to name the beneficiaries of your property. Furthermore, having a properly-drafted will can greatly simplify the administration of your Estate. 

Depending on your family's situation, it may be prudent to create one or more of several types of Trusts to protect current and future assets. Medical Power of Attorneys and Living Wills are essential parts of a carefully constructed legal canopy.

It's never too early to plan for your family's future. We guide you from the beginning needs of your family on through Elder Care to assure everything's in place for your sound future plans individualized for your family's situation and direction.

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Special Needs Resources

After age 18, children with Special Needs become adults with Special Needs and issues become more complex as these individuals transition from school to the outside community. Having advice from a lawyer with a young adult with Special Needs lends empathetic support to you and gives you the knowledge that will help you created a satisfying, productive and protected life for your loved one. You will learn about and be provided with specific tools to carry them from childhood to elderly living, including Guardianship, Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid and Special Needs Trust concerns.

Rather than devote hours, days, weeks and months pursuing the magnitude of critical information, we can help you navigate the complexities of this system of interlocking segments of the Special Needs maze.

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